However, when I flashed super user it went for a bit then said “install aborted”. I tried TiBu and rootchecker basic. I have full access to my phone.. So this doesn’t work if I did the latest OTA huh because I tried and it told me something like my version is older etc.. Trying to gets this over ride there bull crap ware.. I don’t own this device so I can’t be much of help with the device.

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htc rezound adb It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. You should be rooted. I have this zdb as well.

ADB not seeing the device | HTC Rezound

I have it downloaded just in case. Might do factory reset on phone. Oh wait, I can’t do that as I’m already unlocked. Switch to Hybrid Mode. I don’t see what happened?


[GUIDE] Guide to Unlocking & Rooting the HTC Rezound

Download the Rom to ur computer htc rezound adb flash it to ur sd card. So much to read up on. This is the simplest and doesn’t require knowledge of fastboot, adb, and doesn’t need a computer.

Mar 17, 8 Scotty or whomever hct knowsHaving used the temporary recovery, I just received an OTA, which broke root. Use the other section to do this. Also htc rezound adb you have to install kernels with the roms?

Might also verify the Md5 of your superuser download: I do appreciate the link to the stock recovery.

Then flash superuser again. My home PC is Win7 x64 as well and it works fine.

ADB not seeing the device

No, don’t unzip it. I tried TiBu and rootchecker basic. Jan 30, 18 3 Did I do something wrong?

Using ADB it reboots fine to the bootloader. Plugged phone in to see what it does – pretty much the same as when all the HTC software is installed.


Your name or email address: Switch to Threaded Mode. However, when I flashed super user it went for a bit then said “install aborted”.

If you have a extra sim card sitting around. I spent the last htc rezound adb hours readin and studing about the root to make sure I do everything perfect. This rooting method again doesn’t explicitly require a PC and is permanent until you actively remove it.

My phone still won’t prompt me for action when I plug in the USB. Maybe they will hit me up with some info. Sorry for the spam earlier.